Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

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I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been asked, “Do I really need a lawyer for __________?” I love the “Do it yourself” way of thinking and believe it’s a great idea for a lot of things. My husband and I have installed a water heater, faucets, and a garbage disposal. We changed the locks and handles on our doors and even rekeyed them. There are a lot of things I have done by myself with some guidance from the internet or my dad. Some of them have been great successes and some of them I ended up paying more for when I called in a professional to fix the mess I created.

There are some things I would never attempt on my own. Would I cut my own hair; perform my own surgery; or drill my own teeth? No way! I’m paying a professional who has gone to school and gotten a license to do things. To obtain a license to practice law in Texas, one must go to an accredited law school for approximately 3 years, get a degree, and pass the Texas bar exam. After obtaining a Texas law license, Texas lawyers are required to complete continuing legal education hours to maintain their licenses.

Article by: Elisse Woelfel

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